Bethesda Orthopaedic Institute

Bethesda Orthopaedic Institute
Pioneer of Intelligent Orthopedic Surgery
Bethesda Health is one of the first hospitals in the country to offer patients Intelligent Orthopaedic Surgery with the VERASENSE Knee System.
This innovative, surgical instrument system integrates embedded advanced sensor, accelerometer and microelectronic technology that wirelessly transmit real-time data measurements of joint balance, alignment and load during total knee replacement surgery. With this data, surgeons are able to optimize the positioning of the orthopedic implant intra-operatively to improve overall implant longevity and patient outcomes. 
"Quantifying and measuring the load, alignment and balance of an orthopedic implant during surgery are vitally important in ensuring a successful total knee replacement procedure,” said Elvis Grandic, M.D., Orthopaedic Surgeon at Bethesda Health. "We are very excited to begin using the VERASENSE Knee Application and VERASENSE Sensors to optimize joint load, alignment and balance for each of our patients. We feel that Intelligent Orthopaedic Surgery is the latest evolution in total knee replacement and are honored to be one of the few hospitals in the country to offer this innovative technology to our patients.” 
Benefits of the VERASENSE Knee System
  • Due to the real-time data, surgeons are able to make adjustments to soft tissue around the knee and optimize implant placement

  • Helps to improve outcomes

  • Reduces failure rates in knee replacement surgery

  • Improves function of the new knee

  • Reduces the need for costly revision surgery

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