Bethesda Orthopaedic Institute

Bethesda Orthopaedic Institute

Ebola Advisory from Bethesda Health

October 28, 2014

From: Roger L. Kirk, FACHE, President & Chief Executive Officer
Bethesda Health, Inc.


As news about the Ebola virus in the United States continues to evolve on a daily basis, I want to assure you that Bethesda Health is prepared to safely and effectively handle any potential cases of the virus, and we are taking all necessary precautions to protect our patients and each of you.

Bethesda Health continues to monitor all advisories from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), as well as local, state and federal officials, in preparation for managing patients with Ebola or other infectious diseases. Our Executive Staff and Medical Staff Leadership, including our Emergency Preparedness and Infection Prevention staff, have begun training of our ER staffs at both hospitals. We are also in communication with our physicians to ensure their understanding of the CDC’s guidelines for patient care procedures and safety practices for both their patients and themselves.

In addition, special isolation rooms have been designated in the Emergency Departments at both hospitals for suspected Ebola patients. At this time, the CDC will send a response team to confirm a diagnosis. If confirmed, these patients will remain in the Emergency Department for the duration of their treatment.

In accordance with CDC guidelines, Bethesda has personal protective equipment (PPE) including gowns, gloves and masks for our staff’s protection against the Ebola virus. Additional types of personal protective equipment are available for the care of patients with high fluid loss, and additional supplies are readily available from the Florida Department of Health, if required.

The Board of Trustees of Bethesda Health is committed to providing the resources, training and equipment to be ready for any emergency. I want to assure you that Bethesda stands ready and on behalf of our staff of 2,500 employees we are committed to providing quality health services in a caring manner for our community.


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